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Selling real estate used to be as simple as putting up a sign and running an ad in the newspaper. Selling real estate is still simple – but it’s radically different in this age of digital media and online marketing.

The new book “Million Dollar Mistakes in New Home Marketing”, written by Robert Cowes III and Alan Daniel, co-founders of SmartTouch Interactive, teaches you how to reach prospects and turn them into buyers using the latest digital strategies. Cowes and Daniel create award-winning marketing that has generated 400,000 leads and more than $500 million in sales.

Million Dollar Mistakes in New Home Marketing takes you
through proven methods for increasing sales.

  • Learn how to drive traffic to your site and capture leads
  • How integrating sales & marketing can close the deal
  • How to collect & understand prospect data to accelerate sales
  • How to convert "bad leads" into contracts
  • Reach the right prospect with the right message at the right time
  • Why ignoring International Buyers is a huge mistake
  • Build better relationships with prospects using inbound marketing

Million Dollar Mistakes In New Home Marketing is a quick read full of ideas you can implement immediately to increase property sales. Stop wasting your marketing dollars on tactics that don’t work. Start tracking prospect activity, understanding your prospects’ needs and motivations, and selling more property more quickly.

Download an excerpt from the “Million Dollar Mistakes in New Home Marketing” book and learn the latest real estate marketing techniques from two of the industry’s leading experts. Accelerate and increase your property sales now!