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Canada Real Estate Home Builders Sales and Marketing

SmartTouch® CEO and Co-Founder, Alan Daniel and the SmartTouch® team have cultivated a growing client base within Canada. Working with a number of clients in the quickly developing Toronto market and around Canada, the team has put their global real estate marketing expertise to work for Canadian home builder clients with a number of sales and marketing services, including:

  • CRM, Sales Training & Consultation
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Agency Partnerships
  • Appointment Booking & Double Opt-In for CASL (Canada Spam Law)

Toronto Real Estate Marketing

Being that Toronto has one of the most active real estate markets in the world, the competition is quite fierce. There are several developing neighborhoods which will require some of the best and brightest marketing solutions. Thankfully, here at SmartTouch Interactive, we have those solutions and are eager to apply them to your growing real estate business. We have seen fantastic success with our existing clients and are always seeking new, exciting, and emerging markets to engage with. Toronto is one of the most exciting for us due to the nature of the city’s economy and growth. There are opportunities for everyone within the greater Toronto area and we want to help you expand upon those opportunities successfully! Contact us to learn more!

Montréal Real Estate Marketing

Montréal’s real estate scene is diverse in its style, architecture, and profiles; yet there’s one thing all of the beautiful homes in the greater Montréal area possess and that is culture. There’s a certain essence and personality throughout the city of Montréal and it’s difficult to describe for those who have yet to visit, but it’s a city which one will never forget upon traveling to. The growing real estate market in the city of Montréal is something which has caught our eye over the years and we want to help you grow your Montréal real estate business to the fullest extent possible. We offer solutions which you’ll discover to be top-notch and in favor of advanced progression which will ultimately lead to expanding your business over time. We want to learn all about you and your company and help you grow over time through our excellent solutions. Contact us to learn more!

Vancouver Real Estate Marketing

Vancouver, British Columbia is a strong force in the Canadian real estate scene. We have seen great expansion and growth across the greater Vancouver region and are always excited to see what may pop up next in the local area in terms of new real estate development projects. Vancouver has experienced tremendous growth over the past ten to fifteen years and it’s scheduled to continue growing over time. There have been some incredible investment initiatives which have taken place in this same timeframe as well which have lent a considerable interest to develop in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. We at SmartTouch Interactive want to help you stand out amongst the competition and are looking forward to learning more about your Vancouver real estate company. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our capabilities and how we can best align with your overall goals and ambitions.

Calgary Real Estate Marketing

The city of Calgary, Alberta is becoming a noticeable player in the overall Canadian real estate market. Thanks to being a much more affordable market than most of the coastal regions throughout Canada, Calgary has found a niche of its own in many senses and is growing and expanding every which way. There are many components to the real estate system which is Calgary and we want to be one of those components for you. Our real estate marketing team is well-versed in many aspects of the Canadian real estate marketing arena and we want to show you what a lasting, positive impact our solutions can have on your real estate business. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can increase your market share in the growing, competitive market of Calgary, Alberta.


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