What Sets SmartTouch® Apart From Other Interactive Companies?

Marketing, and especially real estate marketing, is a science of emotion and action, which requires right brain creative and left brain analytics to work in harmony. Certainly easier said than done, but this is what sets SmartTouch® Interactive apart.

From the customer point of view, the home buying decision is likely the largest purchase they will make in their lifetime and that means there has to be a deep emotional connection to your brand. The deeper the connection, the longer it takes to build, and that means a long term marketing investment. From SmartTouch®’s point of view, we serve an industry built on tight margins whose revenue model requires strict payback periods. We must show results. We must demonstrate metrics indicating a true return on investment or we risk decreasing marketing budgets and losing traction in the marketplace.

The team at SmartTouch® Interactive bridges these elements together, keeping a mindful eye on the brand. We develop traditional marketing materials, marketing programs, and interactive digital assets that reach the consumer at their deepest emotional level and follow-up with a series of metrics that illustrate marketing’s impact on the business. We understand the long term sales cycle of home buying, and as such, have developed lead nurturing practices that bring clients through the process until you have made the sale. Our commitment to your success permeates our business, including our CTO who is always evaluating new applications to understand how consumers are using their devices. With this ongoing knowledge we develop meaningful communications that reach our end user at the touchpoints they most often use.

Focus: Ninety percent of our clients are real estate developers and home builders.

Experience: Predictable programs and a proven process, based on 30 years of research and testing.

Senior People: We are professionals; published authors and speakers in this arena.



Leads + CRM + Marketing Automation = More Sales

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