Introducing the new smarttouch Nexgen CRM app

SmartTouch® NexGen is the home builder and real estate developer industry’s
first CRM with a mobile application.

Designed specifically for home builders, residential and high-rise condo developers, the SmartTouch® NexGen lead-nurturing CRM and Marketing Automation platform enables sales teams to easily manage home buyer and broker engagement from one place and seamlessly automate and track sales and marketing activities to help sales focus on their most important goal, selling more homes faster.

The SmartTouch® NexGen Mobile app provides sales professionals with access to all the essential CRM tools from the award-winning desktop SmartTouch® NexGen platform for 24/7 home buyer and broker contact engagement and lead management from anywhere.

Engage Contacts at
the Right-Time With
Key Profile Data

Track top prospects
with hotlist activity

Convert more leads
with better customer

designed for Home Builder
& Condo Developer
Sales & Marketing Teams

According to SmartTouch® primary research, among organizations that have adopted a CRM platform, only 20% -25% of sales staff actively participate in using their organization’s CRM for its principal use.

The remaining population of staff falls into one of two categories, the 50% that use the bare minimum and the 25% that are absentee, typically due to lack of training, organizational accountability or accessibility.

The availability of the new SmartTouch® NexGen Mobile App for home builders, residential and high-rise condo developers will have a significant impact on helping sales organizations achieve optimal CRM usage.

The App allows sales professionals to create a contact engagement and lead follow up process that guarantees a higher conversion rate and better customer experience with targeted buyer communications.



Desktop CRM Mobile CRM
  • Smart Message Center
  • Graphical Dashboard with Real-Time Updates and Drill-Down Reporting
  • Notification Center with Alerts
  • Smart Alerts for Buyer Engagement with Automated Follow-Up
  • Smart Lead Adapters include New Home Source/BDX, Zillow, Trulia, Hot on Homes
  • Track Sales Activities and Traffic
  • Roles & Entitlements to Manage User Access
  • Broadcast Text Messaging to ‘OK to Text’ Lists
  • Send 1-to-1 Emails
  • Lead Scoring for Dynamic Updates
  • Advanced Real Estate Reports
  • Lead Capture
  • User Defined Lead Notifications with Email and Text Alerts
  • Dynamic Lead Scoring from Opens and Clicks
  • One-Click Preference Updates for Auto Re-Engagement
  • List Segmentation
  • Automated Email Series or Drip Campaigns
  • Graphical Automation Dashboard with Analytics and Email Engagement
  • Standard and Custom Reports
  • Automatic UTM Tracking for Google Analytics
  • Basic and Advanced Workflows


Available for use on both Apple® iOS and Android™ devices, the SmartTouch® NexGen Mobile App includes the most critical features of the award-winning SmartTouch® NexGen CRM platform, which was designed for any company that needs to more effectively manage its multi-touch sales process with smart home builder CRM tools and gain full transparency of leads activities in real-time, delivering the real-time data required to know when a customer is ready to buy. Now with SmartTouch® NexGen Mobile home builder and real estate developer sales teams have the essential contact engagement tools they need anytime, anywhere to ensure they are maximizing every lead.

How SmartTouch Nextgen Mobile Works.  Contact Buyers, Record Notes, Set Appointments, Complete Appointments, Send Emails & Texts, Sets Follow Ups, Updates Sales Cycle


“Our sales team members are always in the field and having access to their hot prospect information and CRM tools from the easy to use SmartTouch® Mobile app means our sales team can focus on what they do best, selling more homes!”

Jack Bombach, Houston Division President
Saratoga Homes

“With the new SmartTouch NexGen Mobile App, we now have all key contact information and engagement tools available on the one device we always have with us, our smartphones. Our entire sales team is delighted to now have such easy access to our most critical CRM features that helps ensure our team never leaves a lead untouched.”

Shant Samtani, Sales Manager
Esperanza Homes


SmartTouch Mobile CRM
  • Add or change contacts and contact details
  • Track hotlist follow-up actions and set appointments with top prospects
  • Send emails, texts, and make calls from anywhere
  • Gain valuable insights exploring buyer/agent social sites presence
  • Log lead details and notes from tours and calls
  • View key profile preferences to improve follow ups
  • Update lifecycle stage for better reporting


Already a SmartTouch NexGen CRM Platform client? Great! Your sales team has unlimited use of the mobile app for free! Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the app and give your sales team the contact engagement and lead management tools they need to sell more homes!

Not a SmartTouch NexGen CRM client? Get started today with a base SmartTouch NexGen CRM system for $675/month and get unlimited mobile app use free!

Get it on Google Play Available on the App Store

Leads + CRM + Marketing Automation = More Sales

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