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Real Estate Lead Reporting and Home Builder Marketing Performance Management

Because SmartTouch® is not only an interactive marketing performance agency, but also a software developer familiar with CRM implementation and integration; we strongly recommend analyzing email marketing reports and tracking real estate leads at the campaign and marketing level, but also mining campaign details at the sales level. When designing email campaigns, there are best practices we apply such as presence of the brand, strong imagery to engage the user, strong headlines, accolades and main and sub buttons that stand out for call to action. And if all content is developed with sales in mind, certain questions and links should be built into the campaign, which will provide assistance to sale members. Only SmartTouch® Interactive has proven case studies in the power of integrating marketing and sales for the joint goal of driving transactions.

We are well versed in almost every email platform, as we have extensively studied and test driven many email technologies over the last decade. There are several variables and factors we consider when determining the effectiveness of a campaign and optimizing it. Ultimately we are measuring conversion from our campaign. And if conversion isn’t as high as we like, we evaluate the whole process including open rates, click-throughs, landing pages, creative, time of delivery and reputation of the IP address. We use SmartTouch® campaign and advanced marketing reports and Google Analytics as our tools when measuring and optimizing your campaigns for top marketing performance management.


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