How To Sell To Personality Types.

What is their CORE?

Free Webinar May 27th at Noon CST

The real estate business is all about relationships. So why is it so easy to connect with some prospects – and so difficult with others?

It all comes down to personality. During our complimentary webinar, you’ll learn how to identify, connect, sell and close the four main personality types:

  • Commander
  • Relater
  • Organizer
  • Entertainer

You’ll also discover your own personality type, and how to adjust your communication style to speak the language your prospect understands.

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How Did You Hear About Us:

Presenters Mar’Sue Haffner and Ralph Williams of Sales Solve Everything share their secrets for boosting sales by understanding the buyer’s CORE. Sell on their agenda, present with purpose, close with confidence and follow up in a way that matters.

Connect with more buyers, increase sales. It’s as easy as C-O-R-E!

About Your Presenters:

Mar’Sue Haffner & Ralph Williams of Sales Solve EverythingTM specialize in sales training – proper training that increases knowledge, develops sales skills and tests for understanding and improved performance. They know the difference between training, coaching and motivation and will design a program to meet your company’s needs in all of these areas.

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