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Home Builder and Real Estate Marketing Strategic Planning Services

It is the age of information overabundance, which means real estate marketers must look for new ways to rise above the tidal wave of noise in order to turn marketing budgets into revenue. Sales and marketing teams have to shift their focus to a more scientific marketing approach, using data and a strategic real estate marketing plan to better understand the customer and build new marketing programs that deliver predictable performance and deliver a greater ROI for each marketing dollar spent.

SmartTouch® has developed a proven predictive performance model that incorporates the best interactive marketing tactics that should be used for the budget available and how best to execute those tactics to get optimal results. The success of our scientific approach to developing strategic real estate marketing programs and executing on budget has been proven time and again with our clients.


Predictive Performance Modeling is…

A financial model, based on conversion metrics, designed to help calculate what you need to spend – and where – to achieve your sales goals. This model takes a data-driven, scientific approach to turn your builder marketing budget into revenue. Together we can build you a new marketing program that delivers predictable performance and a greater ROI for each marketing dollar spent.

Using this model the master-planned community Tres Lagos in McAllen, Texas has shattered their sales goals 3 years in a row.

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Principles of a Predictive Performance Model

Each client’s model is custom created to hit a targeted cost per lead, lead to tour ratio, and tour to sales ratio and predict Estimated Gross Sales Revenue, Total Estimated Sales, and Average Cost Per Sale.

Predictive Model Possible Results


Budget Example

Our budgets and line items are granular, and that’s how we stay accountable.


Principles of a Predictive Model Sample Budget

Real Estate Marketing Budget Example

SmartTouch Designs


Sample Results – Benchmark Predictions

Predicted results aren’t just predicted and presented once. We analyze our predictions vs. actual marketing performance and present a report each quarter.


Key Performance Indicators – Benchmark Predictions2017-2018 Calendar:

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