Craft The Perfect Sales Presentation – Our October Webinar

October 18, 2016



Wednesday, Oct 12th, Leah Turner presented Earn The Right To Ask For The Sale and shared how to seamlessly and naturally craft the perfect sales presentation.

Leah first listed the top 5 most memorable life experiences a person will have – buying a home being #4 – which showed how important and impactful a Sales Professional’s job truly is and why the presentation is such an important part of new home sales.




The goal of this webinar is to provide you with the steps you need to take in order to feel comfortable and confident that you earned the right to ask for the sale at the end of every presentation. 


Watch this webinar and learn how to utilize this simple blueprint for crafting the perfect presentation.

1) Introduce the close at the beginning.

2) Gain the right information to personalize and customize each presentation.


3) Explain the process for moving forward.

4) Learn the different between trial and assumption closing.

5) Overcome all objections.


6) Set aside time to recap at the end in your office – not outside!

7) Earn the right to move forward and ask to move forward.



About Leah Turner:

Leah Turner, Sales Coach and Trainer for Melinda Brody & Company, has taught hundreds of new home sales professionals across the country ways to improve and enhance their presentations and increase sales. Having spent 20 years as a highly charged sales and marketing executive in the home building and real estate industries, Leah understands the specific challenges and pressures of selling homes in today’s market.

Learn more about Leah Turner’s work and Melinda Brody & Company on their website.



#5 on the blueprint – overcome all objections – can be one of the hardest steps for sales professionals. Fortunately, Leah Turner presented a previous webinar with us, “How To Defuse Objection Bombs.”




Leah will also be presenting at the International Builder’s Show Sales Rally in Orlando on January 11. Be sure to seek her out if you’re attending the show!




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