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July 17, 2014

Thursday, July 17th at Noon Eastern / 9 A.M. Pacific

SmartTouch Interactive hosts John Palumbo, international speaker, author, and master closer, in an interactive online workshop.

You’ll discover a secret language used by today’s closing masters to maximize sales and increase their bottom line profits.

Ideal for all sales professionals, this session analyzes the logic behind customer objections, reveals effective strategies used by top agents, and teaches a systematic approach to closing by leveraging influence and persuasion as opposed to the hardball tactics of negotiating.

This counter-intuitive closing program will provide attendees with selling solutions, usable scripting, and powerful closing secrets.

Results include a mindset readjustment, sharpened skill set, and an immediate increase in sales.

About John Palumbo

John PalumboJohn Palumbo is an international speaker, author, and master closer. He has spoken and lectured around the world on the science of influence and persuasion.

With more than three decades of selling experience and over one billion dollars in real estate sales, John is an expert in the art of closing a deal.

His advanced selling strategies have gained global recognition for being extremely forwardthinking, unconventional, and highly effective.

John has been published and interviewed by numerous publications, including the Wall Street Journal, and he is author of seven books.


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