Five Easy Steps to Start A Lead Scoring Program Today

May 27, 2011

Watch the video to learn how to get started with lead scoring and the steps you need to take for effective lead management programs that enable you to close more business.

–        Generate Leads – need to have processes in place for generating new leads.  This can be done through a variety of ways, including email marketing, social media, traditional advertising, tradeshows, etc. You must offer something of value in order to receive buyer information in exchange.

–        Capturing Information – must have a way to capture and track prospect information via online forms on your website, microsites, business card scans, and other methods in order to build your database.

–        Scoring – once you have qualified buyers you need to determine who is most interested.  You do this by assigning a scoring methodology to prospect responses to campaigns, form submissions, website visits, etc. This enables you to better understand where they are in the buying cycle.

–        Nurture – based on the scores of your prospects, it is imperative to set up nurturing programs that continuously provide prospects with valuable information that is based on their preferences and interests to help nurture them through the buying cycle.

–        Conversion – Following the steps above and implementing an effective lead management program will help you convert more leads into buyers.


Leads + CRM + Marketing Automation = More Sales

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