How Lead Nurturing Doubles Lead-to-Tour Conversion for New Home Sales

October 1, 2015

New home builders, developers and brokers spend a lot of money on marketing to generate leads for their homes and communities.

But eight out of ten leads aren’t sales ready when they first make contact.

And sales people tend to focus on the two out of ten people who are sales ready, because sales people make their money on sales commissions.

sales people focus on the two that are sales ready

But what about those other eight leads?

  • They’ve taken the time to provide their contact information.
  • And they are aware of a builder or developer’s brand.

8 out of 10 gave details and know brand

These people are worth a lot of money!

This is why follow-up and lead nurturing are essential for new home sales and real estate sales success.

SmartTouch Interactive recently analyzed a group of their clients who are nurturing leads and a group of clients who are not. The clients who are nurturing leads have doubled their lead-to-tour conversion rate!

Clients with drip emails doubled lead to tour conversion

There are several success factors to successful lead nurturing;

1.Speed of follow up

In a recent webinar she presented, Alpana Arora of BDX shared that 75% of sales go to the company that follows up first. And she shared research by Mike Lyons of Do You Convert that revealed that only 23% of builders follow up with an online lead within the first hour.

New Home Sales Strategist, Myers Barnes, talked about the importance of fast follow-up in a recent interview with Karen Robertson from SmartTouch Interactive. Watch the short video interview with Myers Barnes here.

2.Number of follow-ups

Alpana also discussed how important persistent follow up is and shared that 8o% of sales happen after the 5th contact, so if a sales person is only following up once or twice, he or she is leaving money on the table.

Both Alpana and Robert Cowes from SmartTouch Interactive presented webinars recently that included best practice on automating lead follow-up. Access those webinar replays below.

3.Relevant content

When it comes to lead nurturing, a common complaint is that sales people or marketers aren’t sure what content to provide.

Alpana shared that the biggest competitor for new home builders isn’t necessarily other new home builders. Rather, it’s resale! So content that talks about “Why Buy New” can work well.

SmartTouch Interactive has created a complete set of proven, content templates that are customizable for lead nurturing.

Learn More:

Watch this webinar presented by Alpana Arora of BDX called “Lead Follow-up for Builders: Pitfalls and Best Practices”.

webinar image


Watch this webinar presented by Robert Cowes of SmartTouch Interactive about Lead Nurturing.

Screen grab of video replay


Access an article about follow-up and lead nurturing in Builder Magazine.

Request a demo of SmartTouch, the lead nurturing CRM that was designed by real estate marketers, for real estate marketers. Click on the green button at the top of this page or email smart at smarttouchinteractive dot com.


Leads + CRM + Marketing Automation = More Sales

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