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August 19, 2016

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For the past year and a half, SmartTouch Interactive has hosted a number of webinars with game changing real estate advice from top leaders in the industry and the SmartTouch team. We invite you to check out our webinar library for the latest tips and tools to help you convert more leads to sold!

Check out these six webinars and others here and stay tuned for more to come!



Tech Tips & Tricks for Busy Sales People on the Go.

Meredith Oliver talks and walks you through her favorite, most ingenious designed apps that will help you organize, plan, and sale. All from the minicomputer you keep in your pocket. These apps and tips will help you maximize your smartphone or tablet to generate more new home sales!

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Could You Double Your Traffic?

When it comes to new home sales, traffic matters. In this webinar, SmartTouch Interactive’s Co-founder Robert Cowes and Sitterle Homes’ Rodney Jordan talk about how to increase traffic for new home sales by converting more leads to onsite tours. The webinar shares 5 marketing tactics that get results.

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Leads are People Too – How to Track Buyers’ Digital Signals so You Can Respond in a Personal Way.

In this encore presentation of an IBS 2016 Education Session, Alan Daniel from SmartTouch Interactive and Melissa Morman from BDX talk about how to track and respond to digital leads without losing the human touch. They share a recipe for lead nurturing for new home sales – a management system for success that includes:

  • Tools
  • Process
  • People

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What’s Working Now: Lead Generation for New Homes Sales

Grab your pen and get ready to take some notes. This information-rich presentation from SmartTouch Interactive’s Director of Digital Marketing, Tanner Ross, reveals What’s Working Now in Lead Generation for New Home Sales. Tanner reveals some of his secret sauce for getting the most out of:

  • Search Engine Marketing – including keywords, ads and landing pages, for lead generation
  • Social Media – including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and LinkedIn, for lead generation

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Defusing Objection Bombs in Real Estates Sales

Be the bomb in sales once you learn how to defuse objection bombs in real estate sales. That’s the message from Leah Turner of Melinda Brody & Company.  Leah presented a terrific webinar filled with golden nuggets on understanding what objections are, what NOT to do with objections, and how to manage objections to get you closer to the sale.

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Give Leads a Chance – The Art & Science of Turning Leads Into Sales

SmartTouch Interactive’s Co-founder and president, Robert Cowes, reveals how new home builders and developers can significantly increase their lead-to-tour conversion for new home salesHe shares easy strategies and the “secret sauce” that is driving new home sales and strategies for capturing the so-called “dead” leads – those 8/10 leads who have visited your website, but aren’t yet ready to buy.

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