How Tracking Your Leads’ Actions Accelerates New Home Sales

August 4, 2015

We’ve all heard that actions speak louder than words and this universal truth applies to new home sales!

In a recent webinar, new home sales strategist, Myers Barnes shared that

  • It takes between 5-12 contacts to convert a lead to new home sale, once someone is in the market and
  • Leads spend an average of one year researching before they enter the market.

SmartTouch Interactive analyzed new home sales for its clients and found that there’s an average of 52 touch points between the point of first research, to first contact, to final close. If a potential buyer is taking this much time to research and is making dozens of touchpoints that you aren’t even aware of, what can you do to understand where your lead is in the sales cycle? The answer is you can track your leads’ actions:

  • What are they looking at on your website?
  • How long are they staying on your pages?
  • What are they downloading?
  • Are they engaging with your emails?
  • Are the responding to your texts?

Imagine if a sales person sells two homes per month. That’s 24 homes per year x 52 touchpoints = 1,248 potential touchpoints to be tracked.

How can you track all of these actions?

A good CRM and marketing automation tool can make this easy for you. And if you adjust your lead score based on your lead’s actions, you can notify Sales when a lead is sales qualified, automatically. Watch this short video to see how a system can track a lead’s actions:

Customizing Your Communication based on Your Leads’ Actions Increases Conversion Too SmartTouch Interactive works with a number of new home builders and developers to track their leads’ actions.

SmartTouch has found that real estate clients using marketing automation convert an incremental 20% of leads into tours that lead to buyers. But marketing automation is only part of the equation. Relevant content is the secret sauce. For example, Sitterle Homes uses CRM and lead nurturing campaigns to help accelerate sales. Sitterle Creative All on One Slide - cropped
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