This Surprised Us – What New Home Builders and Developers are Liking Most…

May 21, 2015

Finally an Easy Way to Manage Multiple Listing Service Real Estate Leads and Automate Follow-Up

When we started showing new home builders and developers a new way to automate lead capture, follow-up and lead nurturing, we knew they’d love it. But what surprised us was how excited they got about how we could take leads from multiple service listings – like Trulia, Zillow and BDX – and make them easy to manage and more likely to convert.

Real estate multiple listing services can be an effective source for driving leads to new home builders and developers, but it can be cumbersome trying to get those leads into your CRM. That’s why SmartTouch Interactive created a way to automate lead capture, lead management and lead nurturing for the leads you get from multiple listing services.

Lead Adapter with Your Website included

 Lead Follow-up Happens Automatically, in an Instant!

Studies show that immediate follow up is important, but less than 25% of communities respond to an online lead within the first hour.

The moment a prospect submits a form on a multiple listing website, your lead goes straight into SmartTouch, triggering an immediate and relevant follow-up email to that lead. Your automated follow-up means that you start the new relationship off on a good foot. And we can show you how to capture even more information about that lead in your first communication as well.

Automated Lead Nurturing until your Lead is Sales Ready

80% not ready to buy 81% 5 contacts wide

80% of online leads aren’t ready to buy when they make their first contact and 81% of sales happen after 5 contacts.

SmartTouch Interactive specialize in lead nurturing for new home builders and developers. We have proven workflows and content that work to nurture leads until they’re sales ready.

Our SmartTouch Lead Nurturing CRM so much more than a lead management system. SmartTouch is also a marketing automation platform that tracks the actions your lead takes, triggering the right message at the right time, based on real-time behavior.

When your lead is sales ready, SmartTouch alerts your Sales Team so they can close the sale.

Make Those Multiple Listing Site Leads Count!

So if you’re using multiple listing sites to drive leads, make those leads count by automating your follow-up and then nurturing those leads with proven marketing automation.

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Leads + CRM + Marketing Automation = More Sales

What could be working better for you?

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