Leading North Carolina Home Builder, H&H Homes and Fastest Growing Oklahoma Home Builder, 4Corners Homes, Select SmartTouch Interactive for Real Estate Marketing Automation and Email Marketing Solutions and Services

June 11, 2013

H&H Homes and 4Corners Homes Leverage the SmartTouch Platform to Enable Sales and Marketing Teams with Robust Marketing Automation and Lead Generation Tools

Austin, TX – June 18, 2013 – SmartTouch® Interactive, an interactive real estate marketing agency and real estate marketing automation and real estate CRM software development company, today announced that H&H Homes, one of the largest home builders of new North Carolina homes, and 4Corners Construction, LLC operating as 4Corners Homes, a top Oklahoma new home builder, have selected SmartTouch Interactive for its leading marketing automation  and email marketing solutions.

H&H Homes has chosen to deploy a number of the SmartTouch Platform solutions, including SmartTouch Marketing Automation, SmartTouch Email Marketing and the new Microsoft© Outlook plugin to enable its sales and marketing teams with the marketing and email tools that deliver better lead management and higher rate of return on marketing campaigns.

“The SmartTouch team has an excellent understanding of real estate marketing and home builder needs,” said Kristie Meave Senior Vice President Marketing, H&H Homes.  “Their deep experience in interactive marketing and lead management is evident in the solutions and services they offer, which is precisely why we chose the SmartTouch Platform.  We are able to provide our sales team with a set of tools that equips them with exceptional insight into the buyer’s behavior and the ability to easily follow up and nurture prospects throughout the buying cycle.”

4Corners Homes is utilizing the SmartTouch Platform for marketing automation as well as leveraging the SmartTouch team for their expertise in Internet forms integrations, a call to action website conversion strategy to improve its website effectiveness in driving leads.  The company has also engaged SmartTouch to create and help deploy monthly email marketing campaigns to improve its lead generation and lead nurturing programs.

Nicole Austin, Marketing Administrator and Event Planner for 4Corners Homes, commented, “The SmartTouch team is backed by an impressive real estate marketing knowledge base and award winning creative teams. We are excited to work with the SmartTouch organization to help us design and execute an interactive marketing strategy that will enable our sales and marketing teams with a predictable performance model and deliver a greater return on our marketing dollars spent.”

“Both H&H Homes and 4Corners Homes are top new home builders in their respective markets and we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with them.  We look forward to helping these two organizations leverage the SmartTouch real estate marketing automation and email marketing solutions to optimize their interactive marketing program performance and deliver their sales team with the right information at the right time to act on and sell more homes in 2013,” said Alan Daniel, CEO and Co-Founder, SmartTouch Interactive.

About H&H Homes

H&H Homes is located at 2919 Breezewood Avenue in Fayetteville, NC and employs 60.  The company was founded by Ralph and Linda Huff in 1991 and was named one of the top 100 builders in the United States in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. H&H Homes currently has 51 residential developments in the Fayetteville, Goldsboro, Jacksonville, Raleigh and Wilmington, North Carolina markets.  Their mission is to build new home communities with quality, value and integrity that every H&H Homes new home owner can be proud of.


About 4Corners Homes

4Corners Homes is a nationally recognized homebuilder, and is Oklahoma’s fastest growing homebuilder.  Dusty Boren and Tracy Williams have put together a first-class team based on the core values they center their homebuilding business around.  4Corners Homes’ success is built around a clear vision:  we provide more land, more home, more choices, and more value.

At 4Corners Homes, we know that your home is the foundation for your family and your family’s lifestyle.  We pride ourselves on providing more than expected in family-friendly communities.  Most importantly, we guide you through the homebuilding experience because your experience matters to us.  www.4cornershomes.com

About SmartTouch® Interactive

SmartTouch® Interactive is an interactive marketing agency that provides proven lead generation programs and lead management system, SmartTouch® Platform.   The SmartTouch® team’s expertise in lead generation and online marketing helps firms that require a multi-touch sales cycle create demand for products and services and grow their business with customized, interactive lead generation programs and a lead cultivation. Backed by 30 years of experience in developing lead generation programs for 100s of clients, SmartTouch® sets a new standard with lead generation programs and a single solution that integrates CRM, Marketing Automation, E-Mail Marketing and Inventory Management in one platform, SmartTouch®. http://smarttouchinteractive.com


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