Myers Barnes – “Speed Matters” to Today’s New Home Buyers

July 7, 2015


Myers Barnes – New Home Sales Strategist


Did you know that the average new home buyer spends a year doing research before stepping into a model home?  According to New Home Sales Strategist, Myers Barnes, this amount of research means that new home buyers are capable of making an instantaneous decision, even if it’s their first visit to a model home.

In his upcoming webinar, “New Rules for New Home Sales,” Barnes will be sharing how critical it is for new home sales people to understand this new mindset – that people can make decisions quickly.

Not only can they move fast, they also expect follow-up fast from the home builders they contact. Barnes says that “Speed in follow-up,” is one of the biggest mistakes he sees new home sales people making.  Barnes said that he has sales people tell him that they’re “pretty quick” with their follow-up, but according to Barnes, “Quick is the New Slow!” An hour is too long to follow up with a lead.

Hear more from Myers Barnes in this short video.


Click here to learn more about the webinar Myers is presenting with SmartTouch Interactive or click or on the image below. The webinar is July 28th, 1:00 p.m. Eastern.


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