New Year’s Resolution – Reengage “Dead” Leads to Sell More Homes

January 7, 2016

Just because you haven’t contacted a lead in a while doesn’t mean that lead is dead! Read on to see how SmartTouch Interactive helped Red Frog Beach gain three contracts from a “dead” list, with a smart reengagement campaign.

  • 80% of new home buyers aren’t ready when they make first contact
  • Of those who haven’t bought in 6-12 months, 69% haven’t bought yet and 32% are still looking according to BDX

So one of the best resolutions you can make for 2016 is to reengage your leads and you might just strike gold!

SmartTouch Interactive specializes in lead generation, reengagement and nurturing.  In December 2015, Builder & Developer Magazine published an article by SmartTouch Interactive president and co-founder, Robert Cowes. Click here to read, “Don’t Leave Leads Dead.”

Builder and Developer Magazine

The article includes this case study for Red Frog Beach:


Red Frog Beach is a development in Panama that targets international buyers.  They had a database of leads they’d collected over eight years and they believed they had worked that database as much as possible. They approached SmartTouch Interactive in early December, as their peak buying season approached.


SmartTouch Interactive developed an email campaign that communicated:

  • Why Panama
  • Why this location
  • Product availability

The email also included a way for leads to instantly communicate their level of interest by clicking on a link within the email that matched their status in the buying process (researching, comparing options or ready to buy).


Because we used automation technology, we could track what leads’ preferences were without them having to re-register.

  • 150 people engaged with the email
  • The community booked 10 discovery tours
  • Three homes under contract

All from one email to a database that was “dead”! The key is to not just provide content.

You also need to include a way for the leads to reengage and for you to track and score that action.


1-click preference that gave leads an instant way to say where they are in the buying cycle: 


Red Frog Beach 1-click close up


Full email:



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