Insider Tips: Real Estate Sales and Selling New Homes to Women

April 23, 2015

It’s no surprise that women are key influencers when buying a home, but you might be surprised at just how high their influence is.  Women make 91% of the decisions when it comes to buying a new home. And the process a woman goes through is different from the process men use.

According to award-winning salesperson, coach and author, Kerry Mulcrone, “A woman will tell you just about anything you want to know when she’s buying a home, if you engage her in the right way.”

What’s that right way? What really puts her off? And what’s Kerry’s 5 “E” Strategy for successfully selling to female buyers? Learn this and more about real estate sales to women in the upcoming webinar, “A Clear Focus on Decision Makers: Women in the Buying Process,” on Wednesday, April 29th at 11:00 a.m. CT.  Click here to register for the webinar. 



Meanwhile, let’s hear what these leading home building marketers and sales coaches have to say about their tips for selling homes to women:

Jeannette Bodnar
Marketing Director, Savvy Homes

Jeannette Bodnar  

Savvy Homes is very much aware that 91% of all new home purchasing decisions are made or influenced by female buyers. We reach and connect with them through Facebook, Houzz and Pinterest, plus blogs and Twitter.  We constantly add content that keeps buyers interested in home – design ideas/tips, products, trends, floorplan, etc.  They like being part of on-going conversations that promote interaction and once we see a trend in something that got a pin, like or a share – we know we hit on something important.  From these tidbits of data, we can shape and plan our next engagement to keep them coming back.
Jeannette Bodnar


Lianne McOuat
VP Client Service, McOuat Partnership  


Lianne McOuat

In our experience marketing over 2,000 communities across North America, the female plays the most important role in the selection process for a new home. They head up the research process, narrowing down the site selection and deciding on the sites to visit. One of the key ways we connect with our female prospects is by advertising in home magazines (both digital and print versions). Our advertising approach to appeal to females is to ensure our ads have a “fashion” feel and to showcase the lifestyle a woman can live in our communities, appealing to her heart and not the head.
Lianne McOuat


Pat Stark
Principal, Marketing Matters  

Pat Stark Marketing Matters

We try to highlight conveniences and how the family will utilize the home or property on an everyday basis. Great views, community amenities, etc. are definitely important, but we find that women will most value the way her day to day experience will be improved for herself and her family. These are the design elements that are most often passed to referrals and shared among social media comments.
Pat Stark


Meredith Oliver
Digital Diva, CreatingWow  

Meredith Oliver Creating Wow

Women buyers want to know that you care about them. If you are talking face-to-face, give your full attention with eye contact. Listen intently and show that you are listening by asking questions and repeating back important information. If you are building a relationship over email, respond quickly, give direct answers and ask questions to make sure the conversation flows. Don’t buy into stereotypes about women; ask questions about her likes and dislikes and customize your presentation to those interests. Most of all, after the sale be sure to deliver world-class customer service to ensure you will get referrals and repeat business.
Meredith Oliver


John A. Palumbo
Author and Coach,

John A Palumbo

Women make buying decisions differently than men.  Understanding what motivates them to buy is important, of course, but knowing why they don’t buy is key.  Understanding the Female Fear Factor will help you become a trusted advisor and will earn you a customer for life.
John A. Palumbo



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