San Antonio Condo Buyers Wooed by Interactive Property Websites

January 13, 2011

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Downtown San Antonio condos are typically known for their luxury, even opulence, so it’s no wonder than developers are luring home buyers of downtown San Antonio condos in with fantastic websites that do more than just inform.

New, exciting, and interactive websites for downtown San Antonio condos are the norm for today’s condo developers. They know that their buyers are usually San Antonio professionals who must maximize their time, even when it comes to shopping for downtown San Antonio condos.

Exciting Websites Highlight Downtown Condos

As a result, a new breed of website is popping up for many of the downtown San Antonio properties, exciting condo developers and grabbing the interest of downtown San Antonio condo buyers everywhere.

The Redesign of Alteza’s Website

A great example of today’s newest real estate websites is the Alteza website. The beautiful, luxurious residences of Alteza, which sit atop the Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Antonio, recently got their own interactive real estate website through SmartTouch Interactive, a real estate marketing automation and lead generation firm. SmartTouch Interactive, because of its history of excellence in real estate marketing, lead generation, CRM and marketing automation, was the obvious choice when it came to transforming Alteza’s website.

As a result, the look and design of Alteza’s website is decidedly chic and exciting. Some of the new features found on Alteza’s newly designed website include interactive floor plans, photo galleries and, of course, virtual tours, which show off the extraordinary views from atop the residences of Alteza.

In addition, Alteza’s website also includes a Google Earth feature, which helps visitors locate Alteza, as well as nearby shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and businesses.

Finally, the Alteza’s new website also features an updated blog, thereby allowing homebuyers and homeowners to stay abreast of news as it relates to Alteza and downtown San Antonio. Potential buyers may also view the Guide to Buying and Living in Downtown San Antonio publication on the website, and they may also fill out simple forms that will allow them to schedule discovery visits and tours.


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