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Smart Emails: Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Effective & Confident Email Delivery


Sender Reputation

One of the most important factors dictating your email deliverability is Sender Reputation. It’s more than likely that your Internet Service Provider has certain regulations to make sure your IP address has a good reputation - i.e. conditions of mailing practices relating to opt-in lists that will serve to protect the deliverability of the IPs they designate to you.

Once your IP is allotted, engagement based on your content and your list is key to landing in the beloved inbox versus hitting the junk box. Having engaged users who consistently open or click your emails will also further grow your Sender Reputation.

The more active your users the better your reputation.


List Management

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) expect for mailers to manage their lists based on activity. It’s recommended that anyone who has not engaged in an email in a year’s time should be sent an opt-in email or removed from the list. Engagement is detrimental to delivery and creates a pattern in a user’s mailbox algorithm that can lead to your email being sent to the junk box.

Having a clean and up-to-date list will ensure your users are ready to engage and ensure a higher delivery rate.


Email Content

Original email content is the most important thing after your email reaches the inbox. The better the reputation, the more you can get away with a higher image to text ratio. Quite often, by utilizing ALT text or providing a text version of the email content at the bottom, you can get away with using purely an image flyer. Ultimately, however, the best approach is using a hybrid of images and text:

SpamAssassin recommends a minimum of 60% text and a maximum of 40% image coverage with at least 400 characters of text.


Subject lines

Free Cabinet Upgrades If You Buy Today!!$%#

Your email’s subject line is one of the last stops in determining if your email belongs in the inbox or the ever-growing junk box. Spam filters specifically look for words and characters often used by junk mailers, such as the use of the word FREE or money, exclamation marks, dollar signs, ALL CAPs, and so on. A well thought out subject line that is intriguing and avoids spam words and special characters is always going to put your email in the best position for being opened.

Subject lines should be clear and creative while also avoiding things like spam words, special characters, or ALL CAPs.


Email Testing

Before sending any email, you should conduct thorough testing by previewing a test version, checking links, and using the proper applications that only take a few minutes to run. SmartTouch® provides tools such as Litmus Email Previews to preview the rendering of your email in various browsers and email clients as well as mail-tester for spam scoring.

Spam testing gives you the confidence that your email has the best potential for reaching the inbox.

Testing and previewing your email gives you the confidence that your content looks great, your links are working properly, and your users will have an optimal experience ensuring they continue to engage.

Email Testing

On average, 50% of new home buyers open their emails on their mobile device. Therefore, you must also consider how your email will render on a smart phone or tablet when email testing.

  • Use a single column
  • Keep your email under 600 pixels wide
  • Use a large font size
Smart Email vs Destined for the Junk Box

Average Benchmark Open Rates For Real Estate Offers

Provided by Return Path & Validated by SmartTouch®

20% Opt-in Buyer List

30% Extra Clean Buyer List

15% Realtor Email Opt-in

7% Realtor Non Opt-in

10% Third Party List Prospecting

"We consider the SmartTouch® Team to be the leading experts when it comes to email marketing to realtors and existing and prospective buyers. Their campaigns always generate top results and engage realtors and buyers in the home buying process."
- Jack Bombach, Division President for Saratoga Homes, Houston

Leads + CRM + Marketing Automation = More Sales

What could be working better for you?

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