SmartTouch Interactive Sky Rockets Revenue Goals for Real Estate Clients

June 18, 2012

Real Estate Marketing Agency and Builder CRM SaaS Company Hits Record Number of Leads Generated in Under Half a Year

Austin, TX – June 19, 2012 – SmartTouch Interactive®, an interactive real estate marketing agency and real estate marketing automation and  home builder CRM software and services company, announced today that it has used its online marketing expertise to help clients generate more than 50,000 leads in the first five months of  2012, resulting in more than $50 million in sales.

“We have helped our clients achieve a marketing ROI that is far beyond opening up the sales funnel,” said Alan Daniel, CEO and Co-Founder, SmartTouch Interactive.  “We are enabling sales and marketing teams to truly work smarter with shared technology, information and goals that bridge the traditional gaps and bring these teams together to garner significantly better sales results.”

“The impact of our investment in a consolidated interactive strategy is reflected in the tremendous absorption and sales velocity we have experienced in all of our communities this year.  We also look forward to building on this success with the launch of our new website designed by SmartTouch,” said Aaron Boenig, Owner and Managing Member of Brohn Homes, new homes San Antonio and Austin builder.

SmartTouch Interactive has deep expertise in online marketing, having helped 60+ real estate clients produce more than 300 email campaigns and landing pages in the past twelve months that have generated thousands of sales leads that convert browsers into buyers. The company’s proven SmartTouch technology and services employs website conversion best practices, organic SEO, PPC, display advertising management, direct email and email reengagement campaigns that are designed to provide consumers the targeted information they need to make a buying decision.

“We have had a record start to our year in terms of leads, tours and sales, which we directly attribute much of the success to our interactive marketing strategy and campaigns enabled by the SmartTouch team,” said Garrett Martin, CEO, MileStone Community Builders, a new homes Austin builder.

“Our clients are proof that embracing smart interactive marketing tools and tactics are key to a successful real estate sales and marketing strategy,” said Robert Cowes, President and Co-Founder, SmartTouch Interactive.  “The results our clients are achieving are phenomenal and we are thrilled to be an integral part in helping them rocket past sales goals for 2012.”

About SmartTouch Interactive®

SmartTouch Interactive is an interactive real estate marketing agency with expertise in lead generation and online marketing that helps firms that require a multi-touch sales cycle create demand for products and services and grow their business with customized, interactive lead generation programs and a lead cultivation CRM solution. Backed by 30 years of experience in developing lead generation programs for 100s of clients, SmartTouch sets a new standard with lead generation programs and a single solution that integrates CRM, Marketing Automation, E-Mail Marketing and Inventory Management in one platform, SmartTouch.

About MileStone Community Builders

MileStone Community Builders’ mission is to serve our customers by providing a high quality home, doing the right thing every time, and offering innovative design and architecture at a reasonable price. We maintain honest communication throughout the homebuilding process, focus on one customer at a time, and exceed all customer expectations, because we understand that every home we craft is a milestone in each of our customers’ lives.

In purchasing your home from MileStone, you will find that we are willing to make commitments and stand by them throughout your home-buying experience as well as throughout your life, one milestone to the next.

We also offer unprecedented value within each community. Just because you get more, does not mean that you should have to pay more.

Milestone Community Builders is here “For the MileStones In Your Life.”

About Brohn Homes

Founded by and for Central Texans, Brohn Homes is single handedly redefining home building from Austin to San Antonio. With over 25 years of combined experience, the company has established a reputation for building luxury homes in some of the hill country’s most sought-after locations. Brohn Homes combines craftsman quality and attention to detail with efficient processes and innovation to create a superior product and tremendous value for our customers. As we expanded into multiple markets over the years, maintaining the integrity of our product, regardless of size or commodity, has remained our guiding principle.


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