Webinar Recording: “Give Leads a Chance” Lead Nurturing for New Home Sales

September 4, 2015


SmartTouch Interactive’s co-founder and president Robert Cowes presented a webinar where he revealed how new home builders and developers can significantly increase their lead-to-tour conversion for new home sales

He shared easy strategies and the ‘secret sauce’ that is driving new home sales, and detailed proven and refined strategies for capturing and engaging the so-called “dead” leads – those 8/10 leads who have visited your website, but aren’t yet ready to buy.

The focus of the webinar was lead nurturing – 8/10 buyers aren’t ready to purchase when they first come to your website and traditionally, sales teams focus on the 2/10 who are sales ready.

SmartTouch_Infographics_Aug2015_02 (00000004)

But that remaining 8/10 have taken the time to visit your website and provide their details –  so they’re worth money!

Robert explained how marketing automation can help you see an incremental 20% increase in conversion, by nurturing those unready buyers through the new home buying process, and keeping them engaged through drip email campaigns that identify their current status through one-click preferences, and offer relevant content based on that.

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The webinar audience was very engaged with a lively question and answer session extending beyond the presentation. Questions centered around lead generation and lead nurturing for new home sales.

Watch the webinar recording by clicking on the image below to learn the ‘secret sauce’ of best practice for follow-up and lead nurturing for new home sales:

Screen grab of video replay


At the end of the webinar, Robert announced a new, free resource for best-practice email follow-up creative. SmartTouch Interactive has done years of testing on what works best in follow-up HTML and text emails.

In the Instant Follow-up Email Template package, webinar viewers can access 10 Smart Tips for Instant Email Follow-up, examples of HTML emails, blank templates for two proven layouts, including Photoshop files and a sample text email.


Click here to learn more about the Instant Follow-up Email Template.


Leads + CRM + Marketing Automation = More Sales

What could be working better for you?

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