Webinar Recording: IBS Encore Presentation “Leads are People Too”

February 4, 2016


In this encore presentation of an IBS 2016 Education Session, Alan Daniel from SmartTouch Interactive and Melissa Morman from BDX talk about how to track and respond to digital leads without losing the human touch.

They share a recipe for lead nurturing for new home sales – a management system for success that includes:

  • Tools
  • Process
  • People

Melissa reveals the Market Share Truth that’s a driving motivation for why lead nurturing is so critical for new home sales and she shares proof that despite the market share data, research reveals that shoppers prefer NEW.

She uses video to demonstrate why consumer buyer confidence is key and she identifies gaps in where new home sellers are helping to build buyer confidence.

Alan shares eye-opening statistics on the home buying process and then shows how new home sellers can use marketing automation to

  • Aggregate and score leads
  • Track a lead’s action over time
  • Provide relevant content and communication
  • Alert Sales when a lead is sales ready
  • Help Sales now how a lead has been engaging

Watch the Webinar Recording

NOTE:  The video starts at the 1:25 mark on the recording. Also, during Alan’s presentation, he played a 2-minute video that didn’t play well.  See below to watch that video that explains the difference between CRM and marketing automation.

How CRM and Marketing Automation Differ – 2-Minute Video

Could You Be Doubling Your Traffic?

During the webinar, Alan Daniel talks about a 6-Second survey you can do to see if you could be doubling your traffic.

60 sec Lead Nurturing Check Logo F

Click here to take the 60-second Lead Nurturing Health Check!

Learning Outcomes

  • What digital signals you can track with buyers and how to use those signals to trigger both automated and personal one-to-one communication
  • What marketing automation is, how it’s different from CRM and why combining the two delivers more sales
  • Discover how to position your homes and educate buyers about the advantages of new construction, and understand what messages resonate with buyers.

About Your Presenters

melissa-morman head shot

Melissa Morman is a frequent speaker at home building related events and tradeshows.  With more than 10 years of industry experience, and now as the Senior Vice President of Client Experience for Builders Digital Experience/Builder Homesite, Inc., Melissa gains unique insight through her interaction with over 1,000 builder clients across the country.

alan daniel

Alan Daniel is also an accomplished speaker and is uniquely positioned to talk about this topic because he and his team have helped hundreds of builders use technology to get personal.



Leads + CRM + Marketing Automation = More Sales

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