Webinar Recording: Could You DOUBLE Your Traffic?

March 31, 2016

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When it comes to new home sales, traffic matters.  In this webinar, SmartTouch Interactive talks about how to Increase traffic for new home sales by converting more leads to onsite tour. The webinar shares 5 marketing tactics that get results.

Karen Robertson and Robert Cowes  explain these tactics – with examples and case studies. And special guest, Rodney Jordan, Sales Manager at Sitterle Homes, talks about the Sitterle Homes experience as well.

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Here are some of the highlights from the webinar.  To see the examples, case studies and to hear what Rodney has to say, be sure to watch the full webinar (below).

The Challenge

Builders and developers spend a lot of money on marketing to generate leads. But many of those leads never make an onsite tour.

Strategy and Tactics Explored in the Webinar

The strategy explored in this webinar is how to convert more leads to tour.

The 5 tactics discussed include:

1.How to aggregate leads, so that no lead is left behind.  The premise here is that when you’ve invested in generating leads, doesn’t it make sense to give every lead a chance to become a sale?  As much as this might make sense, a large number of builders and developers aren’t aggregating alll of their leads in one place, leading to leads being lost or follow-up being slow and inconsistent.

2. Make your website a lead capture machine by optimizing your website for lead capture and engagement. In this section we talk through 5 ways to optimize your website and show how Sitterle Homes increased their lead capture by 84% after optimizing their site.

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3. Score leads so sales agents know where to focus.  Lead scoring works on the premise that leads aren’t created equally and if you objectively assign a score to leads based on their lead source, the actions they take and the answers a lead gives, then you can help sales prioritize which leads to follow up with first.

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4.Follow up FAST to increase your chance of connecting with a lead and furthering the conversation. In this section we talk about automating follow-up – by triggering alerts to your sales agents and triggering follow-up emails when a lead takes an action.

5. Nurture leads that aren’t sales ready to really impact your overall traffic and sales.  Eight out of ten leads aren’t sales ready when they first contact you but if these leads have provided you with their details and are familiar with their brand, then they are potentially worth a lot of money to you.  We show you how to use drip emails and website visits to track engagement and gauge sales readiness.


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