Webinar Recording: Lead Follow-Up for Builders: Pitfalls and Best Practices with Alpana Arora of BDX

September 24, 2015

SmartTouch Interactive’s latest entry in our complimentary webinar series featured Alpana Arora of BDX, who presented Lead Follow-Up for Builders: Pitfalls and Best Practices.


Alpana has been with BDX since its inception 15 years ago, and had helped thousands of builders improve online performance, learn digital marketing best practices and implement new technologies.

She talked about the importance of lead follow-up, explaining how builders can lose tens of thousands of dollars in sales if they’re not following the best industry practices.

Her presentation was filled with eye-opening research and statistics, valuable resources and tips that builders can start using today. She also answered several questions from a very engaged audience.

Key learnings and best practices revealed include:

Instant follow-up – 75% of the time, the builder that closes the sale is the one that responds first.

  • Number of follow-ups matter – 80% of sales are made after the 5th contact so if you aren’t following up multiple times, you are leaving big money on the table. This is one of the reasons that 13% of the agents make 80% of home sales.
  • Type of follow-up matters – Follow up by email, phone and text.
  • Sales cycles are longer – Sales cycles can range between 6-9 months and people start researching much sooner.
  • Social Media management – 84% of surveyed builders aren’t tracking social media!
  • Lead Nurturing – 80% of buyers aren’t ready to make a purchase when they first visit your websites or models, and 40% of buyers take between 9-12 months to decide on a home.

Alpana reminded new home builders that their biggest competitors are re-sale homes, not other new home builders. So “Why buy new” messaging is very important when nurturing these leads.  Alpana shows a message matrix she uses when creating content for lead nurturing.

Finally, if you haven’t been nurturing leads, it’s never to late to do something and Alpana explains what that something is.

Watch the full webinar here.




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