Webinar Recording: Leah Turner on How to Defuse Objection Bombs in Real Estate Sales

November 20, 2015


Be the bomb in sales once you learn how to defuse objection bombs in real estate sales. That’s the message from Leah Turner of Melinda Brody & Company.  Leah presented a terrific webinar filled with golden nuggets on understanding what objections are, what NOT to do with objections and how to manage objections to get you closer to the sale.

This is a sneak peek at a presentation she’ll be giving at IBS 2016.

Be sure to watch the full recording below.

Here are a few golden nuggets from Leah:

Every year, Melinda Brody & Company do a benchmark study reviewing all aspects of the sales process so that builders can see how their sales people are doing. In 2014, they did over 1,000 shops for 44 builders.

The part of the sale that always ranks last is the close!

In the 2014 study, only 54% of the 1,000 sales associates attempted to ask for the close. That means 46% did NOT.

Why is closing last? Usually, sales people feel like they haven’t earned the right to ask for the sale. Leah says that by managing objections, sales people can feel comfortable and confident asking for the close.

In the webinar, Leah outlined:

  • Four things that an objection is NOT and gave real-world examples from video home shops she’s observed.
  • Four things NOT to do with an objection (and the last one was a shocker
  • And four things TO DO when an objection is raised

The questions at the end of the webinar are valuable for anyone who  is in sales, so be sure to listen to the end.

Click here to watch the video.

Learn more about Leah Turner’s work and Melinda Brody & Company on their website.




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