Webinar Recording: Myers Barnes on “New Rules for New Home Sales”

July 28, 2015

If you missed the live webinar, then thank your lucky stars for GoTo Webinar’s recording feature because Myers Barnes kept our attendees on board until the end!  Myers’ content is so compelling because he talks about selling real estate in TODAY’s new home sales market.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Myers said that the most common question he gets is how technology has changed real estate. He addresses this question in the webinar and the primary themes are information and speed.  Buyers are doing online research before they ever enter a model so they are in shopping mode online and in buying mode by the time they get to a property. This is why buyers can make decisions quickly, and you need to be ready.
  • Mobile has never been more important than it is today and with over 70% of home buyers doing home research on their phones, it’s essential that your website be responsive.
  • While buyers are doing their own research online, they are using realtors to help finalize the sale. 89% of contracts have an agent on them (versus 69% 10 years ago). Myers explains why this is in his presentation.
  • A buyer averages between 5-12 contacts before buying a home.  Follow-up is essential and fast follow-up is expected.
  • Text is a tool many aren’t using as well as they could be. Myer shares a tip for getting a prospect’s mobile phone number that works every time.
  • On average, buyers talk about buying a home for four years, research it for over a year but are in the market for only 10 weeks.
  • While Google and online can provide answers, it’s the sales person and company who can provide great service.  Real estate is about relationships and service matters!

Watch the full webinar below:


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