Webinar Recording: Double Your New Home Sales by Understanding Personality Types

June 1, 2015


Did you know that understanding personality types can help you more than double your new home sales?   Mar’Sue Haffner and Ralph Williams from Sales Solve Everything presented a webinar with SmartTouch Interactive called “How to Sell New Homes to Personality Types. What is their C.O.R.E.?”

They talked about how sales people usually find it easier to sell to people who are of similar personality to them. But when a salesperson understands how to sell to other personality types, there’s an opportunity to improve sales results substantially.

Mar’Sue and Ralph took the audience through four C.O.R.E.  personality types, explaining how to identify them, how to communicate with them during the sales process and how to close them.

The four types include:

C – Commander
O – Organizer
R – Relater
E – Entertainer

Ralph shared the example of one sales person who more than doubled his sales when he learned how to sell to the Commander personality type.

Ralph and Mar’Sue find these personality types so essential to their own sales process that they’ve created tags for each personality type within their SmartTouch Lead Nurturing CRM account, so they know how best to communicate with each prospect.

Watch a 6-minute video interview filmed with Mar’Sue and Ralph before the webinar, where they set the stage for what’s covered in the presentation.


Watch the full webinar below.


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