Webinar Recording: Think Like a Retailer to Drive New Home and Options Sales

August 19, 2015

Design Center and New Home Marketing Specialist, Jane Meagher, presented a fascinating look at six trends in retail and how new home builders can leverage each to increase new home sales and options sales.

From the role of design and color, to helping buyers manage choices, to guiding the uber-educated buyer, Jane unveiled the secrets that retailers use and how new home sellers can use them too.

Highlights included;

Design is a key differentiator for companies and products in the 21st century

Design as an influencer


In addition to design, Jane talked about color. She mentioned that if you are a home builder who is only offering beige, beige and more beige tiles, then you aren’t appealing to the buyer who just chose from one of 10 colors of thumb drives.

color choice


Stop leaving money on the table!

An abundance of choices can make decision making too hard. And indecision leads to NO decision.

Customer Foced close correct


But there are specific techniques to help buyers choose wisely, confidently and permanently!   For example, you can guide buyers through the process, by chunking down the decisions. Take them from macro decisions to micro decisions, giving them the illusion of lots of choice while making choosing easier.

This section of the presentation was filled with practical tips and is a can’t-miss topic for any home builder who wants to maximize options sales.

Shopping choices macro to micro


Be sure to stay until the end of the webinar to hear Jane respond to two questions about what she is seeing today.

  1. What are the most common operation challenges builders face today in their design studios
  2. What trends is she seeing in design studios that builders are creating today

Watch the Full Webinar

This webinar was packed full of information and practical tips so make sure you have your pen and paper handy before you hit PLAY!

Jane’s company, Success Strategies, have created design centers for over 100 companies, winning 16 national awards. Her recent Design Studio Conference sold out so she’s holding two events in 2016. You can express your interest by getting on her no-obligation, priority registration list here.


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