Will the New Home Sale Go to You or Another Builder?

March 10, 2016


Sales & Marketing Ideas Magazine – Nurture Leads to Double Onsite Tours.

An article in the Jan/Feb 2016  Sales and Marketing Ideas (SMI) Magazine called Nurture Leads to Double Onsite Tours reveals how lead nurturing can double onsite tours/traffic and increase the chance of a new home sale. Written by SmartTouch Interactive co-founder and president, Robert Cowes, this articles shares strategies and tools that are proven to work.

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Here are some quick points about lead nurturing.

Eight out of ten leads are not going to be sales-ready when they first connect with a builder. But when sales pay attention to only the sales-ready buyers, they are leaving money on the table for another builder to pick up.

Those eight prospects that aren’t sales-ready yet are still valuable because:

1.They’re already familiar with the builder’s brand and
2. They have already made an effort to connect by filling out a form on the builder’s website.

These leads have begun a conversation, and lead nurturing is continuing that conversation through content, workflow, and tools.





One effective way to deliver your content is through drip emails. Drip emails are emails that you schedule in advance to deliver to your prospects over time. Don’t forget! The most important email is the first one—the follow-up email. Speed matters when following up on a lead.

-The likelihood of reaching your prospect is 98 percent if you follow up within 10 minutes

-And falls to 5 percent after 48 hours.



But nurturing leads goes beyond drip emails. This is where marketing automation comes into play, and Robert Cowes beautifully sums up what we mean by” workflow” and “automation.”

“The magic happens when you start tracking buyers’ actions, adjusting their lead scores based on those actions, and then alerting the sales team when a prospect is ready.”

-Robert Cowes




Leads + CRM + Marketing Automation = More Sales

What could be working better for you?

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