SmartTouch® Platform Benefits

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Capture Every Lead

No more lost leads! Leads from every source are automatically captured and organized in one central location.
  • Immediate lead capture from your website and national third-party listing sites.
  • Leads are automatically collected and organized in a single database.
  • Lead sources are immediately identified and stored.
  • Leads are qualified, triggering an automatic response or series of nurturing emails.
  • No lead goes untouched.
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Market by Email Automatically

Potential buyers expect a response NOW. Your sales team is busy. SmartTouch ensures that every lead is acknowledged with an appropriate response.
  • Every lead receives an immediate email response.
  • Engaged leads receive customized follow-up.
  • Multi-touch sales processes are automated and accelerated.
  • Buyers are targeted with the right message at the right time.
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Website Integration
Website Integration

Track Lead Activities

Not all potential buyers are equal. SmartTouch prioritizes leads. Your sales team can engage them when they're most receptive and expedite the sale.
  • Know when people are ready to talk and when they need more time.
  • Get insight about what buyers are looking at online.
  • Know which communities, floor plans and features your leads are researching.
  • Prioritize potential buyers and use your sales team's time more efficiently.
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Get Alerts When Leads are Engaged and Receptive

How great would it be to know precisely when leads are ready to buy? SmartTouch makes it possible with automatic alerts to your sales team.
  • Know when to call and when to email.
  • Leads are automatically prioritized for you.
  • Use time and resources more efficiently and more effectively.
  • Automatically nurture leads through the multi-touch sales process.
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Website Integration
Website Integration

Manage Leads and Customers

Outdated information is a sales and reputation killer. SmartTouch keeps lead information up-to-date at all times - automatically.
  • Lead information is always current and organized.
  • All lead interaction is tracked in real time.
  • Easily access prospect history.
  • Customize visibility of leads and lead activity across the organization.
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Measure and Report on Performance

Where should you focus your marketing budget? The answer's easy with SmartTouch. Get information on results in a usable, relevant format.
  • See not only where leads originate, but which sources generate the most tours and sales.
  • Easily calculate cost per lead and cost per sale.
  • Quickly analyze which marketing tactics are most effective.
  • Access performance information anytime, anywhere.
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Website Integration
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Leads + CRM + Marketing Automation = More Sales

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