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Market by Email Automatically

Leads expect immediate acknowledgement and response to online inquiries. Your sales team is busy. SmartTouch® automates the process of responding to and nurturing leads through multi-touch sales processes.

  • When a prospective buyer completes and submits a web form, they receive an immediate email response. Every lead, every time. No more missed opportunities!
  • Prospects who are ready to buy are forwarded to your sales team immediately. Knowing which leads are hot and which need more time allows your team to work more effectively and close more sales.
  • Let’s be honest. Buying a house is a big decision, and some buyers need more time and more information before they’re ready. SmartTouch® automates and accelerates multi-touch sales processes.
  • What do buyers need to hear to help them make a decision? SmartTouch® strategically targets potential buyers with the right message at the right time, persuading them to schedule a tour of your property.

SmartTouch® automates it all. No more setting up reminders to reach out to prospects who are still researching – it happens automatically. Your sales team can focus leads who are ready to buy.


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Leads + CRM + Marketing Automation = More Sales

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