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It’s time to leverage a home builder CRM that makes the multi-touch sales process infinitely easier with full integration. Everything and everyone are connected with the same end goal in sight.
Real estate CRM reviews provide insight on what works and what falls short. During their combined 30 years in the real estate industry, the founders of SmartTouch™ reviewed numerous customer relationship management systems and realized they all had one major shortcoming. They were standalone platforms that weren’t being used to their full potential.
What they lacked was full integration. Four years of development went into creating the SmartTouch™ real estate CRM software application. It’s a revolutionary contact management system that integrates marketing teams, sales teams, third parties and client websites for more cohesive, effective campaigns.

Bring Marketing and Sales Together Now customer relationship management isn’t just for sales teams that need to organize leads. SmartTouch™ brings the sales and marketing teams together with integrated campaigns that help gauge lead interest.

Marketing teams can:

  • Create professional email and online campaigns
  • Track campaign performance metrics
  • Monitor lead sources
  • Gauge which messaging is working best
  • Quickly make revisions and refine messaging

As prospects interact with the marketing campaigns their Lead Score will increase giving the sales team the ability to:

  • Prioritize leads
  • See which leads are most engaged
  • Use the real estate sales tracking software to more effectively move leads through the sales cycle
  • Keep contacts current with automatic updates any time a lead interacts with marketing pieces

Connect with Everything Online The SmartTouch™ system also integrates with your websites and third party sites through Internet forms. No matter how many online sources you use to attract leads they’ll all be funneled into SmartTouch™ for easy management and more accurate analysis.This online form integration can also be used to incorporate data from marketing campaigns and drip series that are on your websites. Our robust integration gives you the clearest picture possible and ensures that no online leads get lost.

Better Reporting and Analytics When everything is integrated your intelligence is far superior. Reports are all-encompassing, data is more accurate and lead visibility is sharper. Administrators can also get a better idea of what each team member is doing and how they are contributing to the overall goal of increasing sales.

See why our real estate CRM software reviews top the competition – Schedule a demo of the SmartTouch™ platform today!

Leads + CRM + Marketing Automation = More Sales

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