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Real estate lead priority tools are built into SmartTouch™ so that the system intuitively tells users who the hottest prospects are at any moment.

On your Dashboard, you’ll find marketing and sales hotlists, which are based on our revolutionary lead score system. Paired with the real estate email notifier marketing and sales teams know exactly when leads take action that bump them up higher on the prospect hotlist. By breaking home builder lead management down into two groups your marketing and sales teams have a better understanding of when to reach out to prospects and how they need to be nurtured.

The hotlists are automatically sorted by the highest lead score giving you a quick look at which prospects you should follow up with first. With the SmartTouch™ home builder CRM users can also customize how the hotlists are displayed so you have more control over how marketing and sales leads are ranked.


The marketing hotlist includes any leads that are engaging the most and have expressed the most interest but don’t have a sales status yet. They are typically a lead that hasn’t been followed up on or moved through a sales funnel. With a little bit of nurturing, marketing hotlist leads have a good chance of making it to the sales list.


Leads on the sales hotlist are people that are already moving through the sales funnel and are more than just a web lead. Real estate email reminders show the most recent activity – their last touch base, actions taken, dates and more. With the sales hotlist, you’ll see where your best leads are at and when they’re most active.

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