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Sometimes a real estate CRM and Outlook just aren’t compatible, because the CRM is designed to be a standalone system. SmartTouch™ is all about supporting and integrating with the systems you already use, including Outlook.

A simple app install and one-time setup is all it takes to sync your Outlook account with the SmartTouch home builder CRM. We guarantee it will be the easiest real estate contact management system your Outlook account has ever worked with.


Keeping your correspondence all in one place makes life a lot easier and reduces the chance of an email getting missed. With the SmartTouch™ Outlook app the solution is as easy as a one-time install. Your account manager can help with the app setup that syncs your Outlook account with the SmartTouch™ real estate email software.

Smart Outlook Syncing Once the app is installed you can choose to do a speedy full sync of all your contacts or select email addresses one-by-one to store the information in your buyer records. All you need to do is tell SmartTouch™ to sync the Outlook emails once and the system will continue to sync as needed. Set a regular time to sync and the system will do it for you automatically.

Not only will this make email management easier, but syncing Outlook contacts also contributes to lead scoring – a metric that the sales team looks at to gauge how hot a lead is at any moment.

Of course you can always use the SmartTouch real estate email software to send messages, build email marketing campaigns, track recipient activity and a whole lot more.

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