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The Ultimate Real Estate Task Manager

Set a task, assign a task, view a task, record a task and export tasks to Outlook. The SmartTouch™ real estate CRM is designed to help you become a taskmaster.

Get more done with our home builder task manager calendar combination tool. When you work by priority productivity will improve, which is exactly what the task manager tool is designed to do.Users can set their own tasks or administrators can assign them to their team members. Once tasks are set there are two ways to view them:

See What’s Due on the Dashboard – Your dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of the tasks that are due next so you know what to focus on first.

Task View – The Task View page shows all tasks ordered by date, and they can also be ranked by priority. This gives users the ability to work from the top down to focus on the tasks that matter most.


A unique feature of the SmartTouch™ home builder CRM is its ability to use tasks to help qualify leads and show which ones are more likely to buy at any given time. This is done by connecting tasks to contacts and assigning lead scores to the task categories.

You can use existing categories that are already built into the system or customize a task category of your own and the score assigned to it. The more impactful the task is the greater the score will be for that category. Records of tasks are automatically updated and the points are added to a contact’s lead score as soon as tasks are completed.


As soon as you create a task you can export it to your Outlook calendar as well. The system’s real estate task calendar app syncs Outlook with SmartTouch™ for seamless integration. It’s a real estate marketing calendar tool that helps keep your tasks front and center so each day is more productive.

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