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Imagine knowing exactly how leads are responding to your real estate email campaigns. With trackable emails from SmartTouch™ you’ll get a behind the scenes look at what recipients are doing each time you send out a real estate email blast.

Real estate email distribution through SmartTouch™ makes sending campaigns amazingly easy and highly effective. Anonymous tracking gives you the ability to know exactly how and when leads are interacting with your real estate email campaigns.

Real Estate Email Open RatesThe SmartTouch™ real estate email distribution software automatically tracks activity noting when emails are opened and how many times.

Clicked Email Links – When you create an email campaign trackable links can be added for deeper marketing insight. Anytime one of these links i clicked the system will document the action and track where the link is taking the lead.

Tracking happens behind the scenes so the user experience is in no way affected and leads are not aware their activity is being reported. As soon as a lead takes action on an email the home builder CRM is automatically updated to:

  • Reflect the activity in their record
  • Add points to their lead score
  • Alert SmartTouch™ users that the lead is actively seeking out information right at that moment

This gives you an amazing advantage of being able to reach out to a lead right when they want to know more.*PLEASE NOTE: Anonymous tracking is only available for campaigns that are sent using SmartTouch™ real estate email services.

Schedule a demo of the SmartTouch™ real estate CRM to see how your campaigns can be enhanced with marketing intelligence from the market leader in email tracking.

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