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Accelerate your sales process with the one real estate management tool that fully capitalizes on anonymous tracking and automated alerts.

The SmartTouch™ real estate CRM is the market leader in anonymous web tracking.It’s like looking over your lead’s shoulder as they interact with your marketing to see what’s making a connection and getting a positive response. Our tracking gives you valuable data that takes the guesswork out of effective campaign creation. Track forms, emails, templates and landing pages to capture invaluable data that helps your marketing and sales team turn leads into buyers.

Instant Notification When Leads AreTaking Action Once tracking is set up, a campaign link can be created that will alert an agent or group whenever they are clicked. The designated team members will be immediately notified via email or notification  within the home builder CRM while people are interacting. The notification will include the lead’s contact info so that the sales team can follow up while the lead is warm and interested in taking action. Our clients that utilize this tracking feature have seen huge success by reaching out at the right time.

Automatic Record Updates Any time a lead takes an action SmartTouch™ will automatically update the lead’s record by notating what they clicked and what they were interested in. It’s a zero-effort way of better understanding how to move a lead along in the sales process.

Improved Online and Offline Marketing All this rich tracking data gives users a better understanding of what messages are working. Reports can be generated to see the number of people who have clicked on a link and which campaigns get the most clicks overall. You can also make changes and perform A/B testing to see which message outperforms another.

When Google and NAR teamed up to gauge how people used the Internet to search for homes they made a surprising find. People who used the Internet were more likely to use offline resources as well. What you discover through tracking in your online campaigns can be used to enhance the messaging of your offline marketing as well.

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