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With entitlements you can now control your home builder CRM access so that information is better protected and users stay focused on their contacts and campaigns.

The entitlement feature of our home builder CRM allows you to assign roles to each user, which determines how much or how little they can access within the system. There are two primary types of entitlements that are used in SmartTouch™ Administrators and Restricted Sales Users.


SmartTouch™home builder platform managers are called Administrators. The real estate software admin users have full access to every aspect of the CRM, including the CRM setup.

  • Full account visibility
  • Import Excel lists and view all imports of other users
  • Add custom fields to the account
  • Assign tasks
  • Create custom task categories and assign lead scores
  • Add a new lead source
  • Input a new sales status
  • Customize group views and search views
  • Access to all report data for all campaigns deployed from the SmartTouch™ Email Platform
  • Export data
  • Delete data
  • View all Internet form data and approve all leads

The Administrators are the gatekeepers of the account and can assign entitlements that restrict the access of other users.


Each user has their own real estate software login that unlocks their account information. For restricted real estate software users this information is limited to what the Administrator has given them access to see. This could be everything or just a specific community, which is an important feature for builders with numerous neighborhoods. Access for restricted users includes:

  • Leads given to them
  • Leads and contacts they upload
  • Ability to view all campaigns
  • Report data for campaigns that they create and deploy
  • All reports – will only include information from their records they have access to
  • View Internet form data and approve leads for assigned forms
  • Import Excel lists

As with our other features, there are numerous custom entitlement options in addition to these that Administrators can establish when their account is set up. We even provide an Entitlements Checklist to help Administrators determine which option provides the right kind of access and usability for each team member. Schedule a time to demo the SmartTouch™ platform to learn more about how entitlements make our CRM more secure.

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