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Create a central database that helps your sales and marketing team better understand your prospects and take them from leads to closed sales with less effort.

Making a real estate sale takes much more marketing effort than almost any other purchase. Every lead is unique, but they all need nurturing to build trust and an emotional connection with the brand. To do this effectively, you need a system that keeps every contact up-to-date.


When you’re a home builder working thousands of leads keeping up with marketing and sales activities becomes a full-time job. Intelligent real estate lead tracking software can change all that. Suddenly, the contact record management becomes an automated, seamless part of the overall process. Our hundreds of clients all have their favorite real estate contact record management feature, but SmartTouch™ is the one system that covers them all.

  • Easily and automatically add new contacts as they come in
  • See where all prospects are at in the buying process
  • Keep records of what leads are interested in and their interest level
  • Track how hot/cold a prospect is by simply updating a field
  • Add notes after an interaction with a few clicks of a button
  • Set reminders so you never miss an opportunity
  • Track tours taken by a prospect

Real estate sales lead management is about more than keeping updated contact lists. It’s about being able to better understand what motivates your leads, how they relate to your brand and how well your marketing efforts are working.


The SmartTouch™ home builder CRM is designed to capture every lead you get no matter where it comes from:
Import a List – Upon initial set up we can help you do a bulk upload from an existing contact list.
Manually Input New Leads – When you gather leads the old fashioned way, inputting them into the system is quick and easy.
Website Form Integration – Anytime a lead fills out a form on your site or a third party form, the information will be automatically included in your contact list and a notice will be sent to the appropriate person on your team.
You have complete control over who sees the contact information and what automatic actions get triggered. As soon as a lead comes in the system will automatically gauge how hot or cold they are, who gets the lead and what needs to happen next to work the lead. Every time a lead is updated new triggers can be set to keep things moving forward.

Contact SmartTouch™ today to get a personal demo and see how easy real estate sales lead management is when you have the right tools.

Leads + CRM + Marketing Automation = More Sales

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