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Bring ALL your web leads into your home builder CRM for simplified tracking and automated follow up that reaches out to prospects when they’re hot.

The majority of real estate leads now come through the web making online forms a must for any marketing campaign. Forms are one of the easiest, most effective ways to not only capture lead information but also facilitate real estate lead tracking. Knowing where the leads are coming from, when they are coming in and which messages are motivating prospective buyers to take action will help you put your marketing dollars where they make the biggest impact.


Once you set up your SmartTouch™ account you’ll never have to worry about manually entering in web leads ever again. The system seamlessly integrates with your web forms so that every time a lead completes a form the information is automatically updated in your account in real-time.

But that’s just the start of what SmartTouch™ web form integration can do. Your account manager can help you set up web forms that:

  • Can redirect users to another page for downloading additional info
  • Set an auto-reply that’s sent to people who fill out forms – replies can be part of a specific campaign series or a one-off email
  • Assign notification groups or have the system alert a specific individual when forms come in
  • Allow you to choose which fields are required and which ones are not
  • Assign lead score points associated to a web form submission
  • Segment web form registrations into designated groups

The best part is you don’t have to modify your current forms to fit within the SmartTouch™ system. Anything on your website can be populated and any custom field can be included. Text areas, dropdowns, date fields, select boxes – SmartTouch™ adapts to a wide variety of forms.


It’s not enough to have real estate lead software that only accounts for the forms on your website. Today, you’re utilizing every lead funnel possible, including third party websites. Our real estate lead management software has a Third Party Adapter feature known as the SmartLead Adapter that will capture lead information from forms on outside websites.

Your account manager will take care of the set up so that lead information from vendors works on the account the same as your own forms. Automatic updating, notifications, and populations are all the same for every lead no matter where they come from on the web.

Never miss a hot lead again. Schedule a time to demo the software to see how easy it is to get web form updates in real time.

Our current list of third-party vendor integration includes, but it not limited to:

New Home Guide
Hot on Homes
New Home Feed
Private Communities
BuzzBuzz Home

Leads + CRM + Marketing Automation = More Sales

What could be working better for you?

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