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Now there’s a real estate CRM that makes it easy to import all your hard-earned leads so you don’t have to waste time with manual uploads.

Over the years your team has worked hard to build a list of contacts that is the lifeblood of your revenue generation. At SmartTouch™ we don’t think you should have to do that work all over again. While other home builder CRM software does import some of your contact list, they don’t take all your custom information into account. That’s where our system is superior.


With SmartTouch™ there are very few limitations when it comes to real estate email CRM integration and importing your spreadsheets. Your account manager will customize everything to your exact needs so you can easily and quickly import emails to the real estate CRM along with all the rest of your pertinent contact information.

Your customized email CRM system can handle:

  • All the standard information in a spreadsheet can be uploaded.
  • Unique data fields can be created for each client as needed.
  • Specialized info can be added as well – depending on how info is collected in yes/no format fields of spreadsheet and how it’s uploaded into the account.
  • Allows for targeting specific info or a group.
  • Different terminology- even if you have specific verbiage for your lead information the customized system can be adjusted for more robust marketing automation and segmentation.
  • Very scalable and can handle even the largest contact lists. Our importing system has handled up to 100,000 contact records.
  • Your account manager can help you get everything set up and provide personal training so you can take control of contact information uploads.

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