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Real Estate Lead Reporting and Home Buyer Analytics

Marketing is required to deliver a return on investment and the only way to clearly illustrate the value is through rich real estate analytics reports. We have developed both simple and more holistic marketing information management systems that apply our deep real estate industry knowledge into the real estate buyer analytics and deliver insights to improve performance and optimization of your marketing spend. Reporting and analytics is a core strength of our company.

When you combine our proprietary software platform with our deep knowledge in the industry, you get unparalleled insights into marketing performance. Ultimately this drives the best possible cost per lead, cost per tour, and cost per sale metric. That being said, we are also well versed in the utilization of real estate analytic solutions and equipped to use any tools your business has selected.

In most cases we use a combination of Google Analytics and SmartTouch® reports to guide the evaluation of tactics and campaigns. Because we have deep vertical experience in homebuilding and development, we have visibility and data points to establish comparable benchmarks.

We manage all of our marketing analytics in house and have a certified Google Analytics engineer on the team. And builders and developers that utilize SmartTouch® CRM, have a suite of live reports available that are based on the sales funnel, measuring at all contact points within the funnel to enable everything daily management as well as monthly reporting. Additionally, when we layer “one click preference” data obtained from SmartTouch® campaigns, we have an even deeper understanding of consumer behavior, desires, and what motivates to action and drives up your sales.

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