Fringe Benefit Group Solves Spam Issues and Gives Sales Team a Smarter Way to Manage Customer Relationships


Lack of a centralized lead and customer management system provided no visibility into the Fringe Benefit Group sales pipeline for the company’s management team and due to sales and marketing using the company’s Exchange server to send volume e-mails, corporate e-mails were being blocked.


Fringe Benefit Group chose SmartTouch® CRM to help it gain visibility into the sales pipeline and enable its sales team with a smarter way to manage customer relationships and centralized lead management to eliminate further spam issues.


Fringe Benefit Group was the first company to offer benefit plans for prevailing wage workers, and focus exclusively on this market. By making the strategic decision to implement SmartTouch CRM, Fringe Benefit was able to gain full visibility into the sales pipeline that also enabled its sales team with vital anytime, anywhere access to the centralized CRM system from the road.

In addition to the deep sales and marketing intelligence available to the sales team that enabled them to more accurately gauge customer interest, the new SmartTouch tools and templates helped the sales team streamline its customer relationship and lead management efforts, ultimately resulting in a 10 percent increase in sales, which can be directly and indirectly attributed to the system.

Plus, the centralized CRM and lead management solution helped Fringe Benefit Group overcome its spam issues and improve deliverability by sending volume e-mails through the SmartTouch solution instead of using the company’s Exchange server.

Fringe Benefit Group

SmartTouch CRM is truly a powerful platform that provides full transparency into sales activities and the inside data we need to know just when a customer or prospect is ready to buy.

Travis West, CEO
Fringe Benefit Group

Leads + CRM + Marketing Automation = More Sales

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